Brand Guidelines

The following guide will help you use our assets in a manner that is consistent with the Countryside Business Association (CBA) brand identity.


Countryside Business Association logo

Our logo is the serif letters “CBA” next to a large and a smaller green leaf, with the slogan “Business / Community” underneath. When using our logo, please do not:

  • Rearrange the elements of the logo
  • Change the font of the logo
  • Change the colors of the words or the leaf
  • Stretch or distort the logo
  • Rotate the logo
  • Obstruct the logo

Click here to download our logo in png and eps format.


The fonts used to represent our brand across the website are

Kreon by Julia Petretta, freely available under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1, in Normal (400) weight.

The Lato family 2.0 by tyPoland, freely available under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1, in Light (300), Regular (400), and Bold (700) weights.


Pantone: 2247 C
CMYK: 46/0/21/24
RGB: 106/195/155
Hex: #6AC39B
Pantone: 3242 C
CMYK: 50/0/0/13
RGB: 110/220/221
Hex: #6EDCDD
Pantone: Black 4 C
CMYK: 0/34/98/79
RGB: 53/35/1
Hex: #352301
Pantone: 366 C
CMYK: 13/0/47/12
RGB: 195/225/119
Hex: #C3E177
Pantone: P 1-1 U
CMYK: 0/1/3/1
RGB: 252/250/244
Hex: #FCFAF4
Pantone: 5615 U
CYMK: 15/0/6/50
RGB: 108/127/119
Hex #6C7F77